Amazon Sponsored Ads can be VERY confusing!

What if you had someone to explain Amazon Sponsored Ads so you knew exactly how to implement it for your products?

Ryan Reger

Hey, Guys!

I'm super psyched to introduce my friend Mike Russo to you.

As you may know I teach a method of Private Label that I call the Easy Way.  Well, after you get a product launched you still need a strategy to make sales and using Amazon sponsored ads should be a key part of that.

Imagine being confident about your Amazon Sponsored Ads strategy!

Mike definitely knows all the ins and outs of how to use Amazon ads to promote your product and he's graciously agreed to share it with my audience.

Amazon sponsored ads can be used for either Private Label or Bundling so no matter where you are in your business, you'll learn a new way for you to set yourself apart from the competition.



Mike has agreed to take the time to put a training workshop together complete with examples and show you EXACTLY how he launches products using data that Amazon readily gives him to make much better sourcing decisions.

This is not going to be a typical webinar.  In fact, it shouldn't even be called a webinar.

Mike is not going to hold anything back in this workshop. He is going to pull back the curtain on EVERYTHING pertaining to how to use Amazon sponsored ads to boost your product's visibility and make more sales.

Look at what Mike will be covering:

  • How to use Amazon Sponsored Ad Data to create a Killer Listing
  • How to Know what Cost per Click (CPC) to Start at
  • How to Optimize your Ads for Conversion
  • How to Analyze Ad Groups
  • How to Uncover Keyword Search Terms with Low Cost per Click
  • And Much More!

The knowledge of being able to private label has changed my Amazon business forever.  Knowing I have the ability to brand myself and can scale that up has created endless opportunities and the ability to have financial freedom.

Joy Packard Joy Packard

Want to know the best part? This workshop will not cost an arm and a leg!

For just $27 [Limited Time Offer Right Now of Just $27!!] you will be WELL on your way to using Amazon sponsored ads effectively.

The Webinar is Over, but we have recorded all of Mike's great content.


Mike and Ryan, I want access to your training workshop!

Limited Offer: Just $27 

Ryan and Mike