Join Me and my Team at ASD to Find Private Label Products

Imagine having your very own product... or having a few before Q4 hits!

And it doesn't start or end there... the potential with this method is endless!


Hey, Guys!

As you may know I teach a method of Private Label that I call the Easy Way.

Wholesale companies are a great source of private label inventory and I have never been to a trade show that has more potential sources than the ASD show in Las Vegas.

Join me and my team for a full day of sourcing and brainstorming as we walk the floors of ASD July 29-31 to find potential private label products that you can launch using the Easy Way method.

Can you imagine being the only seller on an item?... or 5 items?... or 50? Well, you don't have to imagine. with the Easy Way method you can do EXACTLY that! The opportunities are endless really!

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    Benefit #1:

    Me and my team will teach and show you what products are most feasible for launching via my Easy Way method

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    Benefit #2

    You will get to meet and talk to the very suppliers that can provide your Private Label product

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    Benefit #3

    Network with me and other sellers

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    Benefit #3

    Lunch Provided! Who doesn't like a free meal? 🙂

What you Get

  • A small group training environment with me and my team members (valued at $1000)
  • Confidence and know how to approach vendors at future events
  • Networking lunch (Possibly Breakfast and Happy Hour as well)
  • Vetted suppliers from our walk through time
  • Additional supplier leads ($97 value)
  • Pre ASD focused Rabbit Trail and Trade Show Prep Webinar ($247 value)
  • Access to Private ASD Focused FB Group
  • 2 Free Months of Private Label in a Box ($94 Value)
  • Access to Followup Webinar

EVERYTHING you need to WIN at ASD and be ready to tackle any future tradeshow event for PL for less than $75/hour!

Meet the Team

Look What Past Attendees Have Said

ASD with Ryan Reger is one of the best investments I've made this year in terms of training and education. Ryan is very knowledgeable about all things PL - how to approach vendors, how negotiate with vendors to buy small quantities of items, and the art of creating PL bundles. He also taught us how to quickly identify products that are great candidates for PL. If he offers to lead PL training at ASD in March of 2017, I recommend you sign-up for the tour!

Emily Kennerly

We understand how the Amazon platform works, and we've done a ton of product research.  Exploring ASDwith a group of supportive people, and seeing the products through their eyes, gave us the courage we needed to move ahead.  We placed several orders during the course of our walk-through.  Our products are starting to come in, we are designing labels, and we expect to have our first true PL go live within the next 2-3 weeks. Ryan's ASD Walk-Through was just the impetus we needed to TAKE ACTION.

Leslie Smith

I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit ASD vendors with Ryan.  His experience and willingness to share ideas and insights made the investment of my time and money very worthwhile.  I thought it might be awkward visiting the vendors with a large group, but it was quite the opposite.  A group of people approaching a booth seems to get a little more respect from the vendors and the "groupthink" that transpired while we were all together was insightful and made me think of ideas I wouldn't think of on my own.  Ryan's honest, thoughtful and fully forthcoming approach to the ASD walk through was greatly appreciated.

Wendy Carrier

The ASD walkthrough was absolutely invaluable. I was very apprehensive about attending the show in the first place and after seeing the massiveness of the show and doing my own walkthrough on Sunday, I was extremely happy that I had made arrangements for the walkthrough with you on Monday. I was pretty sure where to focus my attention, but having that reaffirmed by you on Monday was very reassuring that I was on the right track. It was also very encouraging to see that, as you said, most vendors have no problem at all with your methods. I even heard one say, "wow, that's a great idea!" Thanks so much for your help!

Bobby Coghill

It was great to do the ASD Walkthrough with an experienced coach like Ryan Reger.  He was knowledgeable and very patient.  Ryan helped us overcome our fear of talking to vendors.  There was a lot of insights and learning from each other in the group.

Ryan helped us find many great products that would help us grow our Private Label businesses.  It was surprising to see that the majority of vendors we spoke to responded “Yes” to the question, “Can I take your item out of your package and put it in my own?  This is an experience I would recommend to attendees of the ASD Show.

Thank you Ryan

Lystra Berkeley-Caines

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What you Get

  • Pre ASD focused Rabbit Trail and Trade Show Prep Webinar ($247 value)
  • Access to Private ASD Focused FB Group
  • 1 Free Month of Private Label in a Box ($47 Value)
  • Access to Followup Webinar
  • Potential Livestreams from ASD Walkthrough (Will be in the ASD FB Group)

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