What If You Could go into ASD fully prepped and not waste a single minute?

Introducing the Complete ASD Prep and Research Package

Or maybe a better name for it since Abe Ortolani is involved is the "ASD Mining Package".

ASD is HUGE and can be VERY overwhelming.

What if you knew exactly what you were going to before you ever stepped foot in the massive Las Vegas Convention Center?

Well, my good friends Abe Ortolani and Christi Michelle want to make sure you're fully ready to take advantage of the massive opportunity that is ASD.

Abe Ortolani is an Amazon data mining expert and uses that knowledge to find keyword gaps and launch private label products and exclusive bundles.

Christi Michelle is known for her 4 Week and Under $100 Method of launching private label products and exclusive bundles.


Reserve your spot before we close the door!

The ASD Mining Package is only $297!!  If you want to join, the time is NOW before the big SOLD OUT sign is posted in the box below.

What's Included in the ASD Mining Package?

  • Pre-ASD Webinar detailing what to look for using Abe's Data Mining techniques and how to research all of the price lists and catalogs you'll amass at ASD
  • List of Private Label the Easy Way friendly Wholesale Companies
  • Reactive Live Event on Monday evening March 20 in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere (See Image Below)
  • List of trending search terms in different categories
  • Access to an exclusive, temporary private Facebook group

Join Me at ASD to Find Private Label Products

Imagine having your very own product... or having a few before Q4 hits!

And it doesn't start or end there... the potential with this method is endless!


Hey, Guys!

As you may know I teach a method of Private Label that I call the Easy Way.

Wholesale companies are a great source of private label inventory and I have never been to a trade show that has more potential sources than the ASD show in Las Vegas.

Join me for a full day of sourcing and brainstorming as we walk the floors of ASD to find potential private label products that you can launch using the Easy Way method.

Can you imagine being the only seller on an item?... or 5 items?... or 50? Well, you don't have to imagine. with the Easy Way method you can do EXACTLY that! The opportunities are endless really!

  • 1

    Benefit #1:

    I'll teach and show you what products are most feasible for launching via my Easy Way method

  • 2

    Benefit #2

    You will get to meet and talk to the very suppliers that can provide your Private Label product

  • 3

    Benefit #3

    Network with me and other sellers

Important Details

  • ASD Runs March 19-22. Free to Attend.  Register at http://asdonline.com/
  • I will do two sessions - One on Monday, March 20 and one on Tuesday, March 21. MONDAY SOLD OUT
  • The group will be limited to no more than 8 per day.
  • We will meet at 10 am and go through 5 pm.
  • Includes a list of Private Label the Easy Way Friendly Wholesale Companies

ASD with Ryan Reger is one of the best investments I've made this year in terms of training and education. Ryan is very knowledgeable about all things PL - how to approach vendors, how negotiate with vendors to buy small quantities of items, and the art of creating PL bundles. He also taught us how to quickly identify products that are great candidates for PL. If he offers to lead PL training at ASD in March of 2017, I recommend you sign-up for the tour!

Emily Kennerly

But take advantage of Abe and Christi's ASD Mining Package Above