Finally! Private Label Product Review: Custom Product Evaluation

Looking for help
with your private label
product research?

Do you want someone to look at the product you have chosen
for private label and give a consultation as to whether or not it
lends itself to being successful?

Although we are offering tools within the Private Label Mentoring Program to be able to research and find potential private label products, we understand that sometimes we need some extra hand holding. Here are a couple of options:

Option #1

Share within the group and ask for feedback from the expert team and other members. This is what the group is there for - take advantage of it!

Remember, all have signed a non-disclosure agreement...

However, if you aren't comfortable with making that information public within the group, you could also just share the numbers (category, rank, # of reviews, etc.) in the group forum and we will give feedback.

Option #2

Request a custom product review.

We will look at the product you have chosen and give you a customized consultation regarding the potential success of the product as a private label.

1 product review credit - $50
3 product review credits - $75

Custom review “credits” must be used within 30 days of purchase.

We will take your product through the 7 Step Test and give you a detailed review within 48 hours.