What If Amazon told you what product to private label or bundle?

What if you didn't have to guess about what product to private label or bundle?

Imagine using a method like this AND having a private label product before Q4 hits!  Believe it or not there's still time!

And it doesn't start or end there... the potential with this method is endless!

Ryan Reger

Hey, Guys!

I'm super psyched to introduce Abe Ortolani, the Private Label Data Miner, to you.

As you may know I teach a method of Private Label that I call the Easy Way.  Well, Abe has uncovered an EASIER, FASTERLESS EXPENSIVE way to launch your own Private Label Product and/or Exclusive Bundle.  In fact, combining his method with the 4 Weeks and under $100 workshop model produces a killer combo.

When he told me his method, I knew that I had to get him to teach it because I know that it will benefit a TON of sellers.

His method can be used for either Private Label or Bundling so no matter where you are in your business, this method can provide a new way for you to set yourself apart from the competition with little cost and time involved.


Abe has agreed to take the time to put a training workshop together complete with examples and show you EXACTLY how he launches products using data that Amazon readily gives him to make much better sourcing decisions.

This is not going to be a typical webinar.  In fact, it shouldn't even be called a webinar.

Abe is not going to hold anything back in this workshop. He is going to pull back the curtain on EVERYTHING pertaining to this unique method and once the workshop is over you'll be prepared to replicate it in your business.

Can you imagine being the only seller on an item?... or 5 items?... or 50? Well, you don't have to imagine.  Abe is going to show you how you can do EXACTLY that! The opportunities are endless really!

  • 1

    Benefit #1:

    The Training Workshop will expose you to new revenue streams that you can create with every Private Label product and/or Exclusive Bundle you develop.

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    Benefit #2

    The Training Workshop will teach you how you can have a never ending supply of inventory and with NO COMPETITION.

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    Benefit #3

    The Training Workshop shows you how to take the control of your inventory pricing back from your competitors and puts it in your hands.

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    Benefit #4

    The Training Workshop will walk you through step-by-step how you can make profitable private label sourcing decisions.
    We will make it easy to understand so you can implement what you have learned right away.

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Look at what we will be covering:

  • How to Use Amazon's Data to Easily Find Product Ideas
  • How to Easily Find the Suppliers
  • How to Easily and Inexpensively Launch your Own Private Label Product
  • How to Creatively Set Yourself apart from your Competition

Are you ready?
Within a month you could have your very own private label product and/or Exclusive Bundle launched!

The knowledge of being able to private label has changed my Amazon business forever.  Knowing I have the ability to brand myself and can scale that up has created endless opportunities and the ability to have financial freedom.

Joy Packard Joy Packard

PLUS you get these Bonuses:

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    Free Copy of my book Private Label the Easy Way

  • 2

    Abe's Amazon Product Marketing Workbook

Want to know the best part? This workshop will not cost an arm and a leg!

If you are interested in a step-by-step program for developing your very own PRIVATE LABEL products and/or Exclusive Bundled products that will bring in multiple revenue streams over and over again - THIS IS THE TIME!

Even though Abe could easily charge several hundred dollars... and it would be worth it, it's not going to be several hundred dollars. Instead, we are going to make it a no-brainer.

Honestly, with this method, you could develop a Private Label product and/or Exclusive Bundle that could potentially bring you $2k (or more!) month after month... and if you use what you learn to develop multiple PL products - then your income could very quickly reach $10k/month!

What would you pay for training that walked you through the development process of your very own product? $1,000?

Quite honestly, it would be a STEAL at that price.

It really is important to us that this training be affordable and that we OVER deliver.

For just $17 [Limited Time Offer Right Now of Just $17!!] you will be WELL on your way to creating your own Private Label product and/or Exclusive Bundle.

"Ryan, that's nuts...
Seriously... What is the catch?"

So, you have to be wondering if there is a catch... well, truthfully, there is a catch.

There is no guarantee Abe and I will ever do this again...

This is a very limited offer!


Don't miss out on this offer and kick yourself for not taking action when you have the chance. Just think what your Q4 could look like with the possibility of more than one private label product and/or Exclusive Bundle! That's HUGE!

This training is only $17 [Only $17 Right Now!]  That's it - and I guarantee it is worth at least 100x that!

By the end of the workshop, you will have everything you need to market your own products through the crazy-busy Q4 holiday season.

If you want to join, the time is NOW before the big SOLD OUT sign is posted in the box below.


Ryan and Abe, I want access to your training workshop!

Limited Offer: Just $17 

IMPORTANT: A Subscription to Keyword Inspector's Trends Tool is necessary to fully implement Abe's method

Ryan and Abe