Abe is Back for Round 2 of his Data Mining Method

What if you didn't have to guess about what product to private label or bundle?


Abe Ortolani, the Private Label Data Miner, is back and this workshop is going to be even better than the last one.

Abe's Data Mining method is perfect for either Private Label or Bundling!


Look at what Abe will be covering:

  • How to Use Amazon's Data to Easily Find Product Ideas
  • How to Easily Find the Suppliers
  • How to Use Amazon's Data to Optimize your Listing for Increased Sales
  • How to Creatively Set Yourself apart from your Competition

Are you ready?
Within a month you could have your very own private label product and/or Exclusive Bundle launched!

The knowledge of being able to private label has changed my Amazon business forever.  Knowing I have the ability to brand myself and can scale that up has created endless opportunities and the ability to have financial freedom.

Joy Packard Joy Packard

Want to know the best part? This workshop is a no-brainer!

For just $27 [Limited Time Offer Right Now of Just $27!!] you will be WELL on your way to creating your own Private Label product and/or Exclusive Bundle or Optimizing your current listings.

Plus you'll get FREE Access to Abe's 1st Data Mining Workshop!


Abe and Ryan, I want access to your training workshop!

Limited Offer: Just $27 

IMPORTANT: A Subscription to Keyword Inspector's Trends Tool is necessary to fully implement Abe's method

Ryan and Abe