Thank You!

Welcome to the new Bundle Service!
This is a brand new concept and service so if you have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to ask or reach out to me.  
Creating bundles on Amazon is a great way to stand out from the competition and get some exclusivity.    

Thank you for choosing Option #3:

FULL Bundle listing of your product bundle

This option will provide you all necessary information to just copy and paste and upload to have a professional optimized listing ready to promote.  There is no guarantee or warranty with this service that this will produce result for you but it will save you valuable time, provide you a unique listing and 100% control on the buy box.
Please see attached the "Bundle Checklist" to make sure that your exclusive bundle will be ready and you have everything you need to complete the listing, packaging, launching, shipping and selling your bundle.  
Step One:  Print out the checklist and follow the steps to get things rolling.   It is my preference as of now to send you all the information and steps to complete your bundle in a spreadsheet via email.  If you want to share information outside of email please let me know.  
Thank you again and I look forward to building a great relationship and much success!