What If You Could
Cut Your Private Label Research
In Half

Imagine getting your hands on a short list of potential
private label products you can sell on Amazon?

One of the most difficult parts of developing your own Private Label product is finding a product on Amazon that is a contender for private label.

In the Private Label the Easy Way Mentoring program we teach to start on Amazon and research items that fit a certain criteria to determine if there is a possibility of it being a good private label product.

This process can take weeks.

Once you have the product ideas, you still have to find a manufacturer or supplier you can work with to develop the private label product for you.

What if you could get a head start?


What if you could get items that meet certain criteria on Amazon and have the potential of becoming a solid private label product?


What if you could cut off weeks of research in the process to get to having your own private label product?

Now you can.

We have researched products on Amazon - looking for items that meet private label potential criteria... and would like to share them with you to help you get ahead.

Here is how it works:

You provide the category you are interested in and we would give you 2-5 products that are in the category of your choosing on Amazon with a rank within the top .5-1% for that category.

This would cut the first portion of the research phase needed to find a good private label product. You would need to take these items and still find a supplier for the product - but, it cuts your research time in half!


Ryan Reger

My name is Ryan Reger and I have been successfully selling private label products on Amazon and teaching others to do the same through my Private Label the Easy Way program.

One of the most time consuming pieces of the process is researching on Amazon in order to find items that have the potential of becoming a solid private label contender.

I have teamed up with Jenni Hunt from the Private NicheJenni Hunt bio pic Groups and Holiday Toy Guide to help cut that part of the process down for you. We have been helping online sellers be successful for over 15 years combined and know that focus and efficiency is a big part of growth and success.

We understand the value of outsourcing tedious and time consuming tasks so you can focus on growth and making money... and that is what this service is all about.


  • Choose Which Category You Would Like Your Private Label Contenders to Be In
  • Choose How Many Private Label Finds In Your Category of Choice

And We Will Send You Items Meeting This Criteria...

  • Items With Price Point Between $10 & $50
  • Generic Items - not brand driven
  • Category Rank For the Items Will Be In the Top .5-1%

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I created my first private label product --a kitchen item, just about one year ago.  Since then I have done five more.  Four of them are selling through the roof with excellent reviews and sales rank.  The fifth one is doing OK - about three or four sales per week.  But the best part is the profits.  On all five items, I am making a margin in excess of 60% after Amazon & FBA fees.  I am working on three new products now.   I am a convert.  PL is definitely the way to go!

Skip McGrath Skip McGrath

Obviously, you could simply learn how to do this piece of research yourself and save yourself the money... in fact we have a program to teach you how if that is of more interest for you... but,

Wouldn't you rather put your time into other parts of your business?

The knowledge of being able to private label has changed my Amazon business forever.  Knowing I have the ability to brand myself and can scale that up has created endless opportunities and the ability to have financial freedom.

Joy Packard Joy Packard


What Private Label Finds Are NOT

It is important to us that we communicate clearly what this service is and how it will help you.

The Private Label Finds Are NOT:

1. The Private Label Finds are NOT a done for you private label product. These are potential private label products that meet certain criteria on Amazon that tend to work in creating quality private label products.

2. The Private Label Finds do NOT include a supplier for the item. As a BONUS, however, we will provide you with a list of wholesale suppliers in the US you can access to help bring your product to market.

The Private Label Finds are items that have been researched on Amazon as possible private label contenders... cutting your research time down significantly. Look at your PL Finds as Private Label Leads.



You'll Need to Act Quickly...
This program has been wildly successful as more sellers are recognizing the value of private label products.

I stand behind my materials and although we cannot guarantee specific profits, if you are not able to find a supplier or are not happy with the Private Label Finds we will exchange for new finds within 30 days.

Want more opportunity?

We have more offerings for how you can receive and use your PL Finds. You have the OPTION to receive 2 OR 5 PL Finds in your designated category(ies)


Send me items that are good contenders for private label products on Amazon.

PLFinds-2-97-button-limited OR


*I understand that the private label finds will be delivered to me via email within 5-7 days and if I am not able to find a supplier for the products I can exchange the products for new finds within 30 days.


It's time to take control back from your competition and develop your own Private Label products and generate multiple revenue streams!

Let us help you get their quicker by jump starting your research for a solid private label product contender.

Helping You Grow,