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Now Even Simpler with Everything inside a Private Facebook Group!

Private Label In-A-Box

Everything you need to launch a private label product... again, again, and again. - It doesn't get any easier than this!

Come on in and choose a product from our vetted list of products and suppliers and order your private label product in a box to test and prove... plus - download a listing template for getting your product on Amazon.

Join Private Label in a Box and replace other costly monthly tools!

Private Label In-A-Box Members get access to it all!

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Are you looking for private label products to sell on Amazon? We have done everything we can to make this as simple as possible. Ryan Reger, literally wrote the book on how to develop private label products "the easy way"...

Now we have Private Label the "super-duper" Easy Way!

We have spent the last couple of years working with online resellers like yourself develop their own private label products and brand... and we are always looking for how we can make the entire process easier for sellers - THIS is IT!

This is awesome!! Like being in a candy store!!


Thank you!!!! I LOVE PLIAB!!!!


Look What Is Included...

1. Super Validated PL Leads

Access includes 40 Private Label Leads without Suppliers and 20 Leads with Suppliers per month that have been through our SUPER validation process.

Each product that is posted in PLIAB has passed a 15 layer validation test. This new 15 layer validation test considers demand, competition, average number of reviews, sales/review ratio, price decline, annual sales trends, competing brands, Amazon as competitor, and products in the Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Home & Kitchen, Industrial & Scientific, Office Products, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Pets, Sports & Outdoors, Tools and Toys categories.

2. Keywords

What Keywords are customers searching for?  Private Label in a Box includes 250 new keywords across 10 categories every month. Know exactly what customers are actually searching for then come in and serve that audience.

3. Vetted Suppliers

We've already asked these suppliers the "magic question" and they are willing and ready to work with you! Now you have access to thousands of products through their product catalogs.

Get immediate access to over 100 suppliers!

4. Amazon Listing Template

Need help creating a solid listing on Amazon for your new private label product? Use our Private Label In-A-Box Listing Template to walk you through the process.

What You Need to Know:

  • 1

    Private Label In-A-Box is a membership program for online resellers who want to create PL products quickly from vetted sources. Say goodbye to all the tools you use for researching products! The suppliers and products in Private Label In A Box have been researched for you!
    Everything is now inside a Private Facebook Group for Easier Access!

  • 2

    As a member you will have access to 20 super vetted products with suppliers and 40 super vetted products without suppliers every month!

  • 3

    Members receive access to an Amazon listing template. Confidently build listings designed to bring results and build momentum for your listing.

  • 4

    Replace tools that you are paying monthly for by joining Private Label in a Box and having potential products and keywords handed to you.
    Currently replaces the product validation features of tools like Jungle Scout, Scope, Viral Launch, Helium 10 and Merchant Words.

SPECIAL PPL Member Price! (Reg. $97/mo)

ALL for just $47/month!

Private Label In-A-Box is designed to be a ONE-STOP-SHOP for your PL needs!

We can't tell you how excited we are to provide this service... we want to remove every scary barrier for private label so you can sky-rocket your business and OWN your brand.

  • No more worrying about Amazon's brand restrictions and hustling to find inventory.

  • No more worrying about someone coming on the listing and spiraling the price to the bottom losing your investment.

  • No more spending hundreds of dollars each month on tools and software

Private label puts YOU in control,
and we have made it as easy as we can to
help you punch out product after product!

Membership is month to month, no obligation for a long term commitment - but, we are certain you'll want to stick around as the site will be updated regularly with NEW products and keywords.


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