This is THE way to do Retail Arbitrage

Imagine being able to walk into a store and within minutes have hundreds of dollars worth of profitable items

Imagine no longer spending hours in a store and finding nothing

Imagine no more aimless scanning of product after product, but rather having an actual retail arbitrage strategy


Your time is super valuable so you don't have time to scan every single product.

With this method you'll spend less time in stores and make more money.

I'm a private label guy, but this method is so awesome that it makes me want to hit the stores.

Let me introduce my friend Danny Stock to you.

Danny is an Army veteran with a full time job and a wife and 2 little girls at home so he doesn't have time to drive all over town sourcing products.

So he had to come up with a system that allowed him to take advantage of the time he did have – his lunch breaks.

With this method Danny sold over $365,000 last year PART TIME.

Let me say that again....Part Time!

Danny is working on an e-book detailing this strategy, but because we're in the middle of Q4 I told Danny he had to share this info right away.  I promise you'll wish that this workshop had come sooner, but the good news is this strategy will work any time of year. 


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Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to find hidden gems that don't come up when you scan barcodes
  • How to find profitable bundles that are already selling well
  • Not all Walmarts are created equal – Find out which ones are the most profitable
  • How to make hundreds of dollars on your lunch break
  • How to be more efficient with your retail arbitrage strategy
  • How to take this same method and do it from home in your pajamas

The Live Training is over, but you can still get access to the recording.

PLUS you get this Bonus:

  • Free

    Free Copy of Danny's E-book Upon Launch

    In his new e-book Danny will detail his strategy and more.

Want to know the best part? This workshop will not cost an arm and a leg!


For just $27 [Limited Time Offer] you can get access to Danny's methods and revolutionize your sourcing.


Ryan and Danny, I want access to your training workshop!

Limited Offer: Just $27 


Looking forward to seeing you in the workshop!

Ryan and Danny